Making online payments work for companies

The big problem with Online Payments

Online Merchants have no idea how much customer money is leaking out the pipe.


Putting merchants in the drivers seat when it comes to online payments.


As more and more companies sell online, global e-commerce continues to rocket. Yet merchants of all sizes are increasingly left in the dark about their online payments channels: what does the customer experience at check-out, how are different payment options behaving, what exactly is happening those transactions?

Can you imagine your local grocer not knowing how much money is passing through the cash register each day? Or turning away customers just because the cash drawer gets jammed occasionally? 

Yet everyday, all across the internet, e-commerce merchants run their businesses exactly like that - little idea of the type of transactions passing through their online portals, even less idea how much money is being 'dropped on the floor' due to checkout problems. Worse still: e-commerce merchants should feel like they have full control over their own customers' payments but don't. Technology and payments jargon are frustrating barriers.

The Payment Works is changing that balance of power.

Our Vision?

We want online merchants to have the same control, insight and intelligence over their online payments that the local grocery has over its cash register.

The Mission

We've got the vision but how do we get there? Building software that will achieve the following:


Mission 1 - fitNess

Tools and platforms to give e-commerce companies better, more reliable payments software. And to customers, a better online purchasing experience. Creating a bedrock of quality.


mission 2 - INSIGHTFUL

Reporting tools and services to clearly show to e-commerce companies - in 'plain old language' - what is going on with their customer payments. Raising awareness - empowering decision-making.


Mission 3 - SUPERStrong

Analytics and artificial intelligence tools to ensure solutions dynamically meet the needs of each paying customer, and ensure more successful payments for the e-commerce companies.  Finally giving full control to merchants.